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04.06.2020- 01.10.2020

In the beginning, there is space – a canvas, a stone, a voice recorder, a photo. The creative process is gradually being claimed by the individual in that space. Where space is limited, there is a source of conflict. The remarkable thing is, that KF seem to create virtual space. If unconditional desire for freedom as a theme is prioritized, open-mindedness and curiosity follow closely on. It is precisely this friction their teamwork needs, knowing that each process is instructive and leads eventually to solutions. You see man, as it were, enjoying the creative process; the friction that co-operation now brings. Or, elated as two pre-school children, each holding a scoop of sand in their hands up to the high-water line of the sea. To quote KF themselves:
‘From the glittering smithereens of our embarrassing youth and profound premonitions, a glimpse emerges of the glory of our contemporary intelligence’


Damien Bauer


21-03-2020  –  01-10-2020

Damien Bauer

The rise of abstract art in the 20th century ushered in an era of what is called monochromatic painting. Some say, the style has been pioneered by Kasimir Malevich, by the second half of the century, but one can argue that even a painter like William Turner could easily be mentioned as the great pioneer of monochrome art.
The style reached its pinnacle, within abstract art movements like Color Field painting, Minimalism, and in the works of individual artists such as Yves Klein and of course Mark Rothko.
And, the style has never really vanished. Mine Argento, Robert Ryman, and Hulda Stefansdottir are very successful representatives of monochrome painting.
And the youngest starr is without any doubt Damien Bauer (Hamburg 1996).
Oxel Galerie selected 3 of his works.

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